Child, 2 Adults from Xenia Killed in Alabama Plane Crash

June 20th, 2011 | Other accidents

A trip South ends in tragedy for four people from Xenia when their plane crashed in Alabama. Read more. Read More

Alaska Airlines replaces pilot manuals with iPads

June 9th, 2011 | Aviation accident

June 9, 2011 LOS ANGELES — As part of his daily routine for the last 15 years, Alaska Airlines pilot Randy Kleiger hauled his 40-pound airline manuals onto his jet, using them to check everything from routing information and company policies to airport parking. But the 1,000-plus pages of paper are soon to be history,… Read More

Flying Cars—No Longer of the Future

July 7th, 2010 | Aviation articles

This time next year, it’s possible that you may see a flying car in the hover lane—well, not exactly. Daily Finance reports that the four-year-old Massachusetts company, Terrafugia, plans to deliver the Transition Roadable Aircraft—a hybrid vehicle capable of both flying and driving—to its first customer next year. Terrafugia has engineered a light aircraft fully… Read More