1. How do I prove an ambulette service was negligent?

Proving your loved one’s accident was caused by an ambulette company or employee’s negligence may be difficult without the help of an ambulette crash laywer. The legal team at
Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy will investigate the accident using cutting-edge technology and accident reconstruction experts in order to verify the cause of the accident and identify the at-fault party.

2. How much does an ambulette crash lawyer cost?

When you contact an ambulette accident lawyer from Nurenberg Paris, your initial consultation is free. Then, if we decide to go forward with your case, our legal team will work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you won’t pay our attorneys anything if we don’t win or settle your case. This means you get the help you need, no matter your financial situation.

3. Does my Medicare insurance cover ambulette transportation?

While some insurance may cover ambulette transportation, Medicare usually doesn’t. Because ambulettes are classified as non-emergency vehicles, Medicare has deemed this type of transportation as optional, and therefore doesn’t cover its cost.

4. Is there a weight limit for ambulette wheelchair lifts?

Ambulette vehicles can vary in the maximum weight limits of both their wheelchair lifts and their carrying capacity inside the cabins. It’s important that these weight limits are adhered to, as serious accidents and injuries can result if not followed.

5. How do I choose a good ambulette service?

It’s a smart idea to research available ambulette services before deciding on one for your loved one. Not all companies are equal—some services use out-of-date equipment and have lower hiring standards for their ambulette staff. Ask questions and request to see the company’s credentials before choosing to use its services.