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Airline Passenger Safety Information

When traveling by air, there are several tips to remember to ensure a safe flight for yourself and others on the plane.

  • Prepare yourself for the flight.
    If you have medical needs, take your medication before the flight, notify the airlines, and make special arrangements ahead of time, if necessary, and bring any medical equipment you need, if allowed on board.
  • Listen to the preflight briefing.
    During the preflight briefing, flight attendants share pertinent information with passengers, including the location of the closest emergency exits and the proper use of oxygen masks. You can also read the airline safety card located in the seatback in front of you.
  • Keep your seat belt fastened.
    Unexpected turbulence can cause injuries to passengers who have not fastened their seat belts.
  • Listen to the flight attendants.
    Flight attendants are on the airplane to assist and communicate with passengers regarding flight conditions and expectations.
  • Stay calm.
    In the unlikely event that you are involved in an emergency situation, don’t panic. The flight attendants and/or flight crew will give you directions about exiting the aircraft as quickly as possible.

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