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Brain Injury FAQ

The human brain has five primary sections that control specific body functions and systems. If you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), the location of your injury can determine the symptoms that result. At Nurenberg, Paris, McCarthy & Heller, our Ohio brain injury attorneys have experience helping TBI victims and their families after accidents. We’ll work with you to understand how your TBI affects your life, so we can help ensure you get the treatment you need and the compensation you deserve.

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Brain Injury Symptoms by Location

The location of a TBI often predicts what symptoms a victim experiences.

  • Cerebellum
    Motor skills, balance, and equilibrium can all suffer as a result of cerebellum injuries.
  • Frontal Lobe
    Injuries to the frontal lobe may impact your mood, cause personality changes, or affect your ability to focus, organize, or plan.
  • Occipital Lobe
    Vision may be impacted by injuries to the occipital lobe.
  • Parietal Lobe
    Visual attention, perception, and sense of touch can be damaged by parietal lobe injuries.
  • Temporal Lobe
    Memory can be affected by injuries to the temporal lobe.

Multiple sections of the brain can be affected by TBIs, which often causes victims to experience a variety of symptoms impacting more than one bodily function. Many of these problems may not appear for days, weeks, or even months after an injury, so it’s vital to seek immediate treatment if you’ve suffered a head injury.

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