At Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy, it’s our job to fight for you if you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident. If an insurance company refuses to make a fair settlement offer for your accident-related expenses, our Ohio motorcycle accident lawyers won’t hesitate to file a lawsuit so you can get the full amount of compensation you deserve.

Filing an Ohio Motorcycle Accident Claim

When filing a motorcycle accident injury claim, we need to communicate with the other driver’s insurance company. If we can’t reach a settlement offer you’re happy with, we will file a lawsuit. You can expect your claim to progress in the following steps:

  1. Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
    Insurance adjusters are professional negotiators hired to protect an insurance company’s profits. You shouldn’t accept a motorcycle accident settlement offer without talking to a lawyer first. The motorcycle accident lawyers at Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy are here to protect your legal rights. Contact us today. Dial (800) 900-6075 or complete a free initial consultation form.
  2. Presenting a Demand Package
    We’ll investigate every aspect of your case to determine the true cost of your injuries—including the cost of past and future medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. We’ll then prepare a demand package outlining the value of your claim and present it to the defendant’s insurance company.
  3. Receiving a Settlement Offer from Defendant’s Insurer
    The defendant’s insurance adjusters will present you and your attorney with a settlement offer based on your case’s demand package. Your attorney will then evaluate if the offer will cover your accident-related expenses.
  4. Settling Your Claim or Filing a Lawsuit
    If the defendant’s adjusters agree to a fair value for your claim and you’re willing to accept the offer, we can settle the case. In some cases, your motorcycle accident attorney may determine the defendant’s insurer is unwilling to make a fair offer and will suggest filing a lawsuit on your behalf.
  5. Preparing Your Case for Court
    To bring your claim to court, we will file a complaint in the civil court system and begin a process called discovery—or the exchange of documents including medical records and photographs—between your lawyers and the attorneys for the defendant(s). We’ll then gather evidence, such as depositions, or recordings of sworn witness testimony, to be used during your trial.
  6. Going to Trial
    The defendant’s attorneys may decide to settle your case at any time before the trial. If that doesn’t happen, you and your attorney will go to court to present your case to a judge (in a bench trial) or judge and jury (in a jury trial). After a presentation of your case and the defendant’s case, the judge will deliver a final decision on your case.

At Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy, we’re here to help you get the compensation you need to cover your accident-related expenses. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, don’t wait to get the legal representation you’re owed. Contact our legal staff today.