No matter how long you’ve been riding a motorcycle, safety begins before you even get on your bike. From preparing your motorcycle for a ride to following the rules of the road, here are some tips to help keep your ride safe, fun, and enjoyable.

Before Your Ride:

  • Take a motorcycle safety course.
    Regardless of your experience, safety courses let you refresh your skills with professional instructors in a controlled, closed-course environment.
  • Test the bike’s safety equipment.
    Lights, brakes, and turn signals should all be in working order.
  • Protect your head.
    Ensure your helmet fits properly, and make sure your passengers are also wearing helmets.
  • Wear proper rider protection.
    Long pants, a riding jacket, gloves, and boots cover your exposed skin and help reduce your risk of serious injury.
  • Be visible.
    Attach reflective accents to your riding gear to increase your visibility to other motorists on the road.
  • Ride sober.
    Never consume alcohol and get on a motorcycle.

On the Road:

  • Know the rules of the road.
    Obey all traffic laws, and use proper signals when turning.
  • Use caution on unfamiliar roads.
    Loose gravel, potholes, and road construction can create riding hazards.
  • Pay attention to traffic in all directions.
    It’s easy to notice what’s in front of you, but oncoming traffic and traffic behind you can also pose safety hazards.
  • Wait out bad weather.
    Pull over and wait for conditions to improve during hazardous weather.
  • Check twice at intersections.
    Check your left, right, and then left again before proceeding through any intersection to help minimize your chance of a collision.

We’re Here to Help

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