It’s crucial that investigation begins immediately after you, or your loved one’s accident. Often, the trucking company sends a defense lawyer to the scene of the accident. Its lawyer, Safety Director, and Risk Manager will start collecting the evidence even when emergency responders are still actively investigating the scene.

You have to take action as soon as possible. When you call an Ohio truck accident lawyer at Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy, we will do everything we can to uncover the facts of your case so we can start preparing it for trial.

The trucking company is already preparing its case against you and your family. That’s why your ability to pursue your case is impacted by the date you hire an attorney. Like the investigation process, it’s important that you hire an attorney, so we can begin preparing your case as soon as possible.

Hire a Lawyer with Experience

Truck accidents are different than auto accidents. Our Cleveland truck accident lawyers have the legal experience it takes to fight for you. When you contact us after a truck accident, we’ll start preparing your case for trial. Even though not every case goes to trial, we prepare every case as if it is. Call us today at (888) 900-6075 or complete a free initial consultation form.

Steps Leading to Trial

Once you’ve met with your truck accident lawyer, our legal team will begin preparing your case through:

  • Preservation of Evidence
    Gathering and documenting evidence is critical to determining how and why an accident occurred. Evidence has been known to be lost or destroyed prematurely. We’ll issue preservation letters—or legal requests that the trucking company halt the destruction of evidence.
  • Written Discovery
    We’ll send written requests to the trucking company to obtain key documents, which are vital for deposition (oral testimony) purposes. During written discovery, we’ll also issue subpoenas—or written commands to appear in court—to any appropriate parties.
  • Depositions
    Taking oral testimony outside of court is known as a deposition. We’ll interview accident witnesses, crash investigators, enforcement officers, the truck driver (if you are an injured motorist), and employees of the trucking company, including dispatchers, the human resources manager, the director of maintenance, and the company owner.
  • Mediation
    Mediation is a negotiating tool used to help resolve your case prior to trial. During mediation, attorneys from both sides meet to discuss the case. The plaintiff and defendant will also attend. The facts of the case are presented to a neutral person who serves as a mediator.
  • Trial Exhibits
    Before trial, we must also prepare trial exhibits so we can showcase evidence that supports your case to the judge and jury. Trial exhibits can include accident reconstruction animations, document blow-ups, electronic media presentations, and more.
  • Expert Opinion Testimony
    Our legal team may also collect reports and depositions from experts, such as accident reconstruction and civil engineers, lighting specialists, and medical professionals. Testimony from these experts can help prove that the other party was at-fault in your accident.

We’ll prepare this information in the most thorough and clear way possible so that we present the strongest portrayal of your case. The judge and jury will respond positively to honesty and credibility. As Ohio truck accident attorneys, it’s our job to educate the judge and jury on the facts of your case.