In September of last year, I was struck by a semi truck while riding to work.The next day I was literally flooded with attorneys wanting to represent me. After speaking to several over the next week, I was feeling overwhelmed. I was injured, not able to work, and barely able to get around. Jordan called me and asked if he could help.”Help?” I thought. None of the others mentioned helping, so I agreed to meet him. He drove to my house in Cincinnati and as we spoke, I could tell this kid really wanted to help. He explained everything to me, including things other attorneys did not, either because they were unaware or unwilling to disclose. I knew the trucking company had a major player in the insurance field with endless resources designed to protect their client regardless of the fact that their driver was listed as at-fault on the accident report. Jordan panned everything out and even gave me some free advice. I could tell by the face-to-face interaction that his passion was genuine. He left that night—yes, he drove down from Cleveland to spend time with me—and after sleeping on it, I called him and told him I needed his help. He jumped on the case like a pit bull! The best part was him letting me know what he was doing and why. I finally felt like I was getting some control over a very low and stressful time in my life. Throughout the ordeal, he kept me updated and asked my opinion on several issues and I always felt like I DID have a fighter in the ring. He doesn’t back down from anyone and truly had my back. In my heart, I believe Jordan Lebovitz truly wants to help people who believe their situations are hopeless. If you are on the fence as I was regarding legal representation, call Jordan and speak face to face with him. You’ll have the biggest, baddest dawg on the block in the ring!


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