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A New Look at The President’s Doomsday Plane

June 7, 2011

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June 7, 2011

A new report from ABC News takes an inside look at the virtually infallible “Doomsday Plane” that would transport and protect the president, secretary of defense, Joints Chiefs of Staff, and others, in the event of nuclear war, catastrophic natural disaster, or other unknown emergency.

On board the plane with Secretary of Defense Robert Gates during a trip to Afghanistan, Diane Sawyer takes a tour of the “apocalypse-proof” plane, which reportedly cost $223 million and can travel at 620 miles an hour, not stopping to refuel for days at a time. The plane, called E-4B by the military, is protected by an electromagnetic pulse shield and thermo-radiation shields.

The pilots and crew of the Doomsday plane sleep nearby and remain ready to go airborne in a moment’s notice.

“If the command centers that are on the ground in the United States have a failure of some sort, or attack, we immediately get airborne,” said Captain W. Scott "Easy" Ryder, Commander, NAOC. “We're on alert 24/7, 365.”

Read more about the Doomsday Plane here.

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Photo courtesy of U.S. Air Force

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