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NP4CLE Charity of the Month – Colors+ Youth Center

April 1, 2020

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We are excited to announce our April NP4CLE charity partner will be the Colors+ Youth Center! Colors+ Youth Center’s mission is to strengthen LGBTQ+ you community and allies through advocacy, support, education, and celebration.

LGBTQ + Youth are at a higher risk for mental health concerns, suicidality, bullying, obesity, and substance use. Colors+ Youth Center is trying to prevent these risks to help youth have happier and healthier lives. Recently a report was released showing that LGBTQ+ community resources such as LGBTQ+ youth-serving organizations, LGBTQ+ inclusive community climates/resources, and LGBTQ+ events such as Pride, may create a climate of greater acceptance and supportiveness that is associated with less likelihood of substance use, specifically less illegal drug use and smoking.

Colors+ Youth Center are currently having weekly drop-in hours on Wednesday from 4 – 7 pm and monthly programming such as Movement Mondays at Amplio Fitness, Dungeons and Dragons, Drag Storytime. More programs are coming, such as family meals, gender expansive playgroups for 10 and under, and parent support groups. Learn more about Colors+ Youth Center here.

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