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What if Multiple Parties are Liable for Your Injury?

March 8, 2023

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Accidents happen, even though we don't wish for them. You may have sustained an injury or incurred damage to your property due to someone else's negligence. It could be due to a car accident, slip & fall, medical malpractice, or any other situation that can cause you harm.

Most often, there's a single person or entity that bears the entire fault for what happened. However, there are times when there is more than one at-fault party. In such situations, Ohio applies the principle of joint and several liability. This legal process can be complex, given the involvement of multiple parties. Having an experienced personal injury lawyer with extensive knowledge of the principle of joint and several liability in your corner can help reduce your stress and enable you to get justice for your injuries.

Understanding Liability Laws in Cleveland

When someone causes an accident that results in someone getting injured or their property getting damaged, they will be held liable for the injuries or damages. Sometimes the opposing party may argue that there's a shared responsibility for the harm caused.

When this happens, the laws used are applied case-by-case, but what happens after the liability is decided in court? The State of Ohio follows a "modified comparative negligence rule," which designates that the amount of compensation an individual gets is reduced by the percentage that they are at fault for the accident. Suppose the person suing for personal injury is found to have contributed 50 percent or more to the accident; they won't collect any compensation from the other at-fault party(s).

If multiple individuals are responsible for an accident, each of them will be responsible for the percentage of damages they caused. For instance, if three drivers caused an accident, with the first one being 55 percent at-fault while the other two are 25 percent and 15 percent at-fault, respectively, each of them will be liable for the damages based on the percentage at which they are at-fault. Suppose one party cannot pay; the other parties will pay more to make up for it.

Common Examples of Multiple Party Liability

There are several situations where multiple parties may be liable for an accident that caused damages. Some common examples of multiple-party liability include:

Whenever possible, accident victims should try to obtain the names and contact information of everyone involved. Doing this may help your lawyer determine who is at fault and how much they should bear for your damages. With the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer, Cleveland accident victims can investigate their case and hold all the at-fault parties liable for the injuries and damages they caused.

Navigating a personal injury case involving one at-fault party is usually challenging. When you have more than one at-fault party, the case becomes even more complex. Without an experienced personal injury attorney, you may be unable to get the maximum compensation you're entitled to. This is because the at-fault parties' insurance companies will frustrate you by offering to pay you lower compensation than you deserve, arguing that you were largely responsible for the accident.

A skilled personal injury lawyer will have extensive knowledge about personal injury law involving multiple parties and the expertise for dealing with insurance companies. They will determine the at-fault parties and gather evidence such as technical documents, medical records, and expert witness testimonies to strengthen your claim. Additionally, they will negotiate with the insurance companies and other parties involved to help ensure that you get maximum compensation for your injuries. With an experienced personal lawyer handling your case, you can focus on getting better.

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