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Fighters File Class Action Lawsuit Against UFC and Parent Company

January 15, 2015

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When a large number of people are injured or suffer losses due to the same circumstances and choose to seek legal action against those who are responsible, the cases may be consolidated as a class action lawsuit. This is done to not only ease the case strain on the court system, but also to help ensure a fair decision is reached for each individual who is seeking compensation.

One of the types of cases that can be classified as a class action lawsuit is an employment dispute. Such a case has been brought against mixed martial arts promotion organization, UFC, and their parent company. According to MMA Junkie, the lawsuit was brought by a group of fighters who say the companies' business practices are preventing them from earning a fair living wage.

The fighters claim the companies have created a monopoly on the MMA industry by signing fighters to extended contracts. Furthermore, the companies refused to work with fighter’s sponsors who were involved with fighters in other MMA organizations and inflated the costs for other companies to acquire talent or resources.

The fighters are hoping the suit will result in the ability to negotiate fair compensation.

At Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy, we understand the struggles that can accompany an unfair workplace. That’s why our Ohio personal injury attorneys are hopeful a decision in this case will bring some sense of closure to those who have been harmed.

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