Compensation for Birth Injuries

Raising a healthy child is expensive. But, when you’re raising a child who sustained a birth injury, you have additional medical expenses for rehabilitation, therapy, and even life-long, daily care. The cost can be overwhelming.

You shouldn’t be left with the burden of medical expenses when someone else’s actions caused your child’s injuries. The Ohio birth injury lawyers at Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy are here to hold the person responsible for you or your child’s injuries financially accountable.

Available Compensation

If a doctor or other healthcare provider caused you or your child’s injuries, you may be able to collect damages—or financial compensation—to help cover the costs of:

  • Present Value of Needed Care
    Your present expenses may include: medical treatment, nursing care, handicapped vehicles, housing needs, and more.
  • Loss of Earnings Capacity
    Many children who sustain birth injuries are unable to work or will have difficulty working when they age.
  • Pain and Suffering
    Children with birth injuries often endure pain as well as disability.

The Statute of Limitations

A birth injury case is unique in that the statute of limitations—or legal time you have to file for damages after the injury—is unique for minors and gives minors a longer time to file a claim than with most personal injury cases involving adults.

With this exception, once your child reaches age 18, he or she has one year to file a claim for past damages. Should he or she pursue damages, this child may be able to collect compensation for past or future expenses for medical bills and treatment costs and loss of earnings; however, there is a limit to pain and suffering damages that child may collect.

Filing Your Claim

A birth injury lawyer at Nurenberg Paris can help you file a claim for damages, whether you are a mother or child who suffered injuries at birth. Call (888) 900-6075 or complete a free initial consultation form.