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Class Action FAQs

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1. How do I join a class action lawsuit?

The Ohio class action lawyers from Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy will help determine if your claim can be joined to a current class action lawsuit. If the details of your injury meet the requirements of the class action case, our legal team will assist you with the legal process of joining the lawsuit.

2. How do I start a class action lawsuit?

In order to file a class action lawsuit, there must first be a large group of victims who share common injuries or grievances and who are willing to jointly pursue their claims. For example, if you were severely injured by a defective product that similarly injured hundreds of others, you may be able to combine the group’s complaints into one class action lawsuit.

3. How long do class action lawsuits last?

Each class action lawsuit is different, making it difficult to predict how long the legal process will take for your case. At Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy, it’s our goal to help you get the care you need, when you need it. As your injury lawyers, we will spare no expense when helping you get the best outcome as soon as possible.

4. Is there enough money to go around in a class action settlement?

In order for a class action lawsuit to be recognized by a judge, there must be adequate and impartial representation of all claimants’ best interests. Therefore, if your certified class action lawsuit is settled, you can expect to receive compensation that is fair and comparable to the damages you suffered, as decided by a jury or approved by the judge.

5. Is there a minimum number of plaintiffs required in a class action lawsuit?

In the state of Ohio, there is no specific minimum number of plaintiffs required to form a class action lawsuit. However, a judge must decide that the number of common plaintiffs is great enough that it would be impractical to try each claim separately.

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