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by: NPHM | February 22, 2019

What to Do After a Car Accident Caused by a Friend or Family Member

Car accidents don’t discriminate when it comes to occupants suffering injuries. Occupants can be seriously harmed whether they themselves, their family members, or their friends were driving.

Most victims aren’t reluctant to file claims against negligent drivers in other vehicles in order to recoup some of their accident-related expenses. But when victims were passengers in vehicles driven by people close to them, they may be much less likely to pursue compensation due to fear of burdening their family members or friends.

Don’t Be Afraid to Pursue Compensation—Regardless of Who Was Driving

Auto accidents are often extremely expensive. The combination of medical bills and lost wages can drain savings and send victims and their families on a path toward financial distress. Filing compensation claims can help victims recoup some or all of their accident-related costs, but filing a claim against a friend or relative carries a stigma in some people’s minds.

If you were hurt in a crash that was caused by someone you know, don’t hesitate to pursue the money you deserve. It’s important to remember that in most cases, victims don’t file claims directly against their friends or family. Instead, they file claims against those people’s insurance policies. Those policies are designed to protect anyone who gets harmed in accidents, regardless of their relationships to the policyholders.

Let Us Help You Navigate This Sensitive Matter

At Nurenberg Paris, we understand that filing a claim against a family member’s or friend’s insurance provider may make you feel uncomfortable. That’s why we approach such claims with the utmost sensitivity and respect for all involved parties.

You deserve compensation for what you’ve gone through, and we’ll do everything in our power to help you get it. Call our Ohio car accident attorneys today for a free consultation.

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