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FAA Investigates Boeing’s Emergency Evacuation Slides

February 4, 2016

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Commercial airlines are required by law to use the highest degree of care in providing safe transportation to their passengers. This means not only safely transporting a passenger from point "A" to point "B", but also, in the event of an emergency, making certain that all evacuation slides are in excellent working order and will perform as expected. These slides are designed to deploy OUTSIDE of the aircraft once the plane is on the ground to enable passengers to quickly and safely exit the airplane.

It has recently been discovered that emergency evacuation slides on Boeing's 767 airplanes can prematurely deploy INSIDE the aircraft. This has prompted the FAA to issue a directive to address the problem. According to the FAA, if the slides deploy on their own, they could injure passengers and crew and make the slides unusable in the event of an emergency. The FAA directive requires U.S. airlines to replace certain valves that help control the escape slides attached to the planes' doors. Foreign airlines which operate their aircraft in the U.S. would also have to comply.

Fortunately, the flying public's safety and well being remain a primary part of the FAA's mission. That mission includes immediately addressing any airplane anomaly that poses a threat of harm or danger, and ensuring that the airlines promptly comply with all safety directives.

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