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by: NPHM | May 2, 2012

Jet deliberately crashed

May 2, 2012

During an aviation safety experiment, a 1977 Boeing 727 was deliberately crash-landed, according to the Examiner.

As part of a documentary film, the experiment took place in a barren area on the Sonoran Desert in Mexico.

The primary goal of the planned crash landing was to further understand a serious, but survivable, crash and to improve aviation safety.

Video cameras on the ground and inside the airplane and on the helmet of the pilot, who parachuted to safety, recorded every moment of the planned destruction. Taking the place of passengers and crew members, there were 170 mannequins, who were biometric and could respond to the situation.

The crash data is already being reviewed by aviation experts and scientists, who are compiling their findings for a documentary, which will later be shown on the Discovery Channel.

The last controlled crash of a commercial plane took place in 1984, and it did not go as planned. Technology has made controlled crashes safer. For example, in this 2012 deliberate crash, the jet was controlled by a chase helicopter flying above it.

Commercial aviation safety has dramatically improved in the last three decades. The chance of dying on a scheduled flight in the United States is one in 14 million, but experiments like this one make traveling by air even safer.

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