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Ohio Truck Drivers Recognized For Safe Driving Records And For Being Heroes Of The Highway

February 20, 2012

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Earlier this month, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) announced the recipients for OOIDA’s Safe Driving Award program.  This program recognizes drivers for safe, accident-free years while operating a commercial vehicle.   Four (4) of the twelve (12) Safe Driving Award recipients are from Ohio.  Our law firm would like to join OOIDA in recognizing Ohio’s award recipients:

  • Jack J. Eberly of Stryker, Ohio, has been recognized for 19 years of safe, accident-free driving.
  • Chuck Hutton of Piqua, Ohio, has been recognized for 19 years of safe, accident-free driving.
  • Michael E. Zanella of Columbus, Ohio,  has been recognized for 17 years of safe, accident-free driving.
  • Lee C. York of Grover Hill, OH, has been recognized for 4 years of safe, accident free driving.

In addition to OOIDA’s Safe Driver award program, each year Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company names finalists for its North American Highway Hero Award.  The Highway Hero Award honors professional truck drivers for life-saving rescues and roadside assistance.  Finalists were announced this month and two of this year’s finalists are Ohio truck drivers.   One Ohio truck driver rescued a trapped motorist whose car went into a pond.  Another Ohio truck driver positioned himself between a woman and a gun-wielding attacker.

John Neumeier of Russia, Ohio drives for Bohman Trucking.  On November 14, 2011, Neumeier was loading his truck when he witnessed a car go off the road and into a pond.  Neumeier quickly drove to the pond and used a large wrench to break the driver’s side door window.  He then pulled the 65-year-old driver out of the window, out of the pond, and to safety.

Mike Schiotis of Seville, Ohio drives for Panther Expedited Services, Inc.   He was named a finalist for his heroic acts of November 1, 2011.   While driving, he saw a woman walking along the roadway with a man close behind her.  Thinking they were injured, he slowed down to assist.  Schiotis then saw that the man was pointing a gun at the woman.  He stopped his truck and quickly assisted the woman into his truck.  Both Schiotis and the victim then quickly drove away.  The gun-carrying man got in his car and followed.  Schiotis radioed the authorities and other truck drivers.  Other truck drivers prevented the gunman from following too closely to Schiotis’ truck.  This also allowed police an opportunity to catch up and arrest the gunman.

The winner of the 29th Annual North American Highway Hero Award will be announced on March 22nd at the Mid-American Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky.   Nurenberg Paris applauds these fine Commercial Truck Drivers for their heroic acts and for years of safe, accident-free driving.  Thank you for keeping our Highways Safe.

Authored by: Trial Attorney / Truck Accident Attorney – Andrew R. Young, Esquire – Class A CDL License

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