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Cincinnati Woman Fights Hospital Over Bill

June 17, 2011

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June 17, 2011

Cincinnati’s Local 12 News recently did an expose depicting one woman’s battle with her insurance company and hospital. The report told the story of a woman who had rotator cuff surgery in February of this year, and was expecting to pay about $100 for the procedure after her insurance company paid their share.

When she received the bill following the procedure, she was shocked. There was around $3,000 in total charges for medical equipment used to fix her shoulder, meaning her part of the co-pay was roughly $600. The charges were the result of three small anchors that were implanted during the surgery to hold her shoulder in place.

The woman has questioned the charges with both the hospital and her insurance company to no avail. She says after discussing the parts with the manufacturer, she has found a more than 100% mark-up by the hospital on the part.

The insurance company did not question the billing and paid its portion of the bill to the hospital, but the woman has refused to pay her portion. She has taken her complaint up the chain of command at the hospital to the Chief Financial Officer, who vigorously apologized but insisted that the cost for the pieces of hardware were justified.

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