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Car vs. Semi Accidents Make No Mistake The Semi Will Win.

April 15, 2013

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Car vs. semi truck accidents appear daily in the news. Here is accounting from last November where, in only three days three cars crossed the centerline head-on into the path of 18-wheelers. Stay alert when driving at all times can help prevent these types of accidents.

On Tuesday, November 26, 2012, a husband and wife were heading northbound when the husband drove his car left of center and hit a semi-truck heading in the opposite direction. The husband suffering life-threatening injuries required life-flight transport. His wife traveled by ambulance for treatment.

On Wednesday in the same week, a 55 year old woman driving an SUV on State Route 3 drifted across the center line and into oncoming traffic into the path of a tractor-trailer. The truck driver, Bob Thomas is credited with quick thinking that reduced the injuries of the 55 year old driver. Mr. Thomas locked up his brakes just prior to impact, before turning his tractor-trailer to the west shoulder of the road in an attempt to avoid the SUV. The driver of the SUV owes Thomas for saving her life and risking his own life in the process.

On Thursday, the same week, a car driven by an 80 year old man drove across the center line hitting a semi-tractor and trailer head-on. This elderly gentleman not only injured himself but earned his two female passengers an emergency trip by ambulance to a hospital for treatment.

Experienced truck drivers understand the importance of looking far enough ahead, knowing what traffic is doing on all sides is extremely important. Truck drivers learn to “look at least 12 to 15 seconds ahead. That means looking at the road ahead the distance the truck will move in 12 to 15 seconds.” This mean that when driving at highway speeds drivers must be scanning the roads about a quarter mile ahead. This one basic rule can save your life.

When driving on an open highway (one lane in each direction), please use extreme vigilance, paying close attention to remaining in your lane of travel. One wrong move and you may find yourself in the path of an 80,000 pound semi-truck, no matter how large an SUV or car you are driving, the semi-truck will win. This article highlights three incidents that happened within one week alone where the driver of the four wheeled vehicle was not paying enough attention. If you drive distracted, you may find yourself or your loved ones riding as a passenger in an ambulance or, worse, a helicopter.

The U.S. Government sponsors a website bringing public awareness to distracted driving. Be vigilant; do not lose your life or someone else’s life because of distracted driving. Please be hyper-aware on high-speed roads and inform your loved ones about the perils associated with driver inattention. Distracted driving habits include texting while driving, eating while driving, and/or simply not keeping your eyes on the road.

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