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Ohio Truck Accident Lawyers Discuss The Importance of Obeying State’s Move Over Law

October 28, 2013

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October 28, 2013 Each year, a large number of emergency service workers are injured as the result of being struck by motor vehicles while performing their job duties along the side of the highway. The Ohio Truck Accident Lawyers with the law firm of Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy explain that one such accident in the state left a tow truck driver seriously injured. An article from Land Line magazine states the incident occurred at approximately 10 p.m. Friday, September 27, in the westbound lanes of U.S. 30 outside the town of Van Wert, Ohio. Reports indicate a Freightliner Classic box truck had gotten a flat tire along the highway and the driver called a tow truck for a repair. As the driver of the tow truck was working on the tire, a white 2001 Ford F-250 pickup truck being driven by an 18-year-old male failed to move over, ran over the tow truck driver’s feet, and hit the side view mirror, striking the victim in the head. The incident highlights the need for motorists to obey the state’s “Move Over” law, which calls for all traffic to slow down dramatically or merge one lane of traffic away for any emergency vehicle that is stopped with its lights activated. The Ohio Personal Injury Lawyers with the law firm are hopeful the most recent accident will serve as a warning to other motorists about the importance of always being vigilant when driving.

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