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When will the medical bills for treatment of my work-related injury be paid?

August 19, 2013

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Our last workers compensation blog addressed why an injured worker might receive bills for medical treatment received for a work-related injury.  Now let’s review the remedies for this problem: 1. If your claim is being contested by your employer or the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, you will have a hearing to determine if your claim should be allowed.  In the event your claim is allowed, the medical bills for treatment of the allowed condition will be paid. 2. Even in an allowed claim prior authorization for treatment must be obtained by your attending physician.  The lone exceptions are for 10 physical therapy visits and some specialist consultations. 3. Finally, the third reason your bills may not be paid is sometimes the most difficult to resolve.  Even in an allowed claim where treatment was previously authorized, if the medical provider does not bill for the treatment correctly, the injured worker can suffer the consequences. Next blog:  A more detailed explanation of how or why a bill for treatment that was authorized in an allowed claim might not get paid . . . . .

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