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Bystanders help in Washington State small plane crash

April 9, 2012

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April 9, 2012 Would you know what do to if you came across a plane crash? Three people who witnessed a small plane crash in Washington, on April 7, knew just what to do, reports The Enumclaw Courier-Herald. An eyewitness said that he saw the plane sideways in the air, and then he saw it go down. Immediately, he went to the scene where he found two others assisting with the accident. Avoided hitting any homes, cars, or people in the crash, the plane landed about fifteen yards in front of a home. To shut off the plane, the three men turned off the master switch to the plane, and then they shut off the fuel. Leaving the pilot in the plane where they had found him, they helped stabilize his head and neck until emergency crews arrived. Remember, if you discovered a plane crash: think, first, shut off plane and fuel, and then do not move, but stabilize, the injured. Read more. If you are someone you know has had his or her safety compromised on a commercial or private airline, the aviation accident attorneys at Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy may be able to help.

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