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Data Show the Number of Certain Corporate Aviation Accidents Increased Last Year

October 9, 2014

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In the wake of several major aircraft disasters in the past several years, it came as encouraging news when media outlets reported the National Transportation Safety Board had seen fewer civil aviation accidents last year than in years past; however, a closer look at the data showed certain types of aircraft within that category saw a significant rise in the number of accidents they were associated with.

Bryan Burns, President of the Air Charter Safety Foundation, points out the number of accidents involving aircraft designated under Part 135 operations rose in 2013. These corporate aviation accidents involved aircraft ranging from small to mid-size commuter jets to corporate airliners.

An article published in Aviation Industry News Online stated aircraft listed under Part 135 operations were involved in a total of 45 accidents during 2013. In 2012, these aircraft were only involved in 36 accidents, marking a 25 percent increase in one year’s time. The number of fatal incidents increased as well from eight in 2012 to 10 in 2013.

These numbers leave many business travelers wondering what they should know and do in the event they are involved in such a crash. The aviation accident attorneys with the law firm of Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy explain the most important thing for accident victims to realize is that help is available. Medical facilities are staffed with professionals who can treat your wounds and legal representatives can answer your questions regarding liability laws.

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