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Individuals Operating Aircraft Without Appropriate Licensing A Growing Concern

October 1, 2015

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Much attention in the media in recent months has been on the proliferation of 'Drones' which pose serious safety hazards for aircraft as well as people on the ground. While the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is exploring rules and regulations to control what could otherwise be a growing danger, there are individuals who operate aircraft without appropriate licensing and training.


This is a particular problem in the area of homebuilt airplanes. One such recent example occurred in Georgia where an unlicensed pilot caused not only his own death but the death of four innocents (view full article here). This pilot did not have an FAA issued license and it is likely he had little if any training to safely operate the aircraft which he reportedly built himself. While it is difficult for the FAA to enforce its rules and prohibitions in many situations like the one in Georgia, it is incumbent on members of the general public to be vigilant for any activity concerning aircraft as well as drones which appear to be unsafe or potentially illegal. Any such suspicions should be immediately reported to the local FAA office in one's geographic reigon or if no such office can be found, then contact the State Highway Patrol office which usually has an aviation division.

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