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3 Tips for Staying Safe on Your Motorcycle This Spring

May 29, 2019

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There’s no better time to enjoy a motorcycle ride through Ohio than spring. But because you’re sharing the road with other vehicles, it’s important to be aware of the dangers you might face when you travel on two wheels. Drivers aren’t always on the lookout for motorcyclists, and when you don’t ride defensively, you may increase your chances of being involved in a serious accident.

The next time you take your motorcycle out for a spin, keep these safety tips in mind:

  1. Wear a properly fitted helmet and safety gear—Wearing a helmet that fits is the easiest and most efficient way to reduce your risks when you ride your motorcycle. To further protect yourself, wear a riding jacket, pants, gloves, and boots.
  2. Make yourself visible to drivers—It’s important to make yourself as visible as possible to drivers when you’re on your motorcycle. Equipping your motorcycle with reflectors and wearing brightly colored and reflective safety gear can make you stand out while you’re riding.
  3. Follow the rules of the road—Just because you’re on a motorcycle doesn’t mean you can ignore traffic laws. To stay safe, signal before you turn, come to a complete stop at stop signs, and obey the speed limit for the road you’re traveling on.

In addition, be extra cautious when approaching intersections and turns. Left-turning vehicles are one of the biggest hazards for motorcyclists, as drivers don’t always look before turning.

Insurance Companies Don’t Always Treat Injured Motorcyclists Fairly

Even the most safety-conscious motorcyclists still face plenty of risks when they ride. And when they’re involved in accidents, they may find it difficult to get compensation for their expenses due to insurance companies’ biases.

Insurance adjusters are often quick to assign blame to motorcyclists for their own accidents, even when they are caused by negligent drivers. At Nurenberg Paris, we believe that motorcyclists should be treated fairly when they get hurt. Don’t let the insurance company deny you the money you deserve before your claim even gets started. Contact our Ohio motorcycle accident lawyers today.

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